Hey, my name is Aura!

I’m a Harlemite currently residing in Massachusetts while I obtain my degree. I'm an English Language and Literature major, but am interested in a plethora of different things. I love reading, writing, and any medium for storytelling, including, but not limited to, digital media, music, and art. I also love social media, internet, meeting new people, travel, personal development, and sexuality. I embody complexity and revel in my many layers. As women, it's important to know we can be smart, nurturing, complicated, woke, lit, spiritual, and sexy. 

Many people tell me I'm "all over the place" and should "stick to one thing," but I believe this is poor advice. Sure, we should all plant the root and build upon it, but how does one decide which seed to plant without smelling a variety of flowers first? Furthermore, I believe all of our interests and talents are linked, and merging them gives us the ability to create our own unique stories, paths, and even careers. I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going. I am utterly clueless, but I have never been so comfortable in my uncertainty. The minute I decided to let go of the anxiety society dumped on me to succeed was the moment I knew I would be ok.

I created this website to both document and share my journey. I'll be sharing my interests, experiences, and projects with you, and I invite you to witness my evolution as I build my own path, brick by brick. I hope to inspire you to face your fears and inhibitions, and follow your own interests. Unapologetically. Let go of doubts, make mistakes, and discover your talents. Be you, live fearlessly, and EXPLORE.